Storage Units

Storage Units
Self storage for household items, surplus business inventory, or seasonal furniture. Second story units, with a lift for convenient loading/unloading. These units have sliding barn doors that lock.
Trailer Parking
This parking area is a secure lot to park your trailers, boats, RV's or other vehicles that are taking up space in your driveway.
These are storage lockers that make moving convenient and easy!
Barn Units
There are 4 large barns with units best for classic vehicles, machinery, off season boat storage, and other large items. The garage doors are locked and secure.
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Here at Delaware Valley Storage Farm there is over 75,000 square feet of storage space designed to fit a wide range of uses. Some of our options and pricing include:

Self Storage Units:


45 interior wood floor units that range in three sizes: Small 8x8, Medium 8x16, and Large 16x16, to store extra household or small business surplus items. These units have a drive up elevator lift that makes it easy to load and unload from a pickup truck bed. They are not climate controlled units but the building is heated in the winter and has ventilation in the summer so you're belonging won't freeze or warp from humidity.

Monthly rates for our units: Small $80, Medium $135, Large $215.

Barn Units:

The barn storage areas are not partitioned but separated in 18 foot sections or bays. They are best for classic vehicles, machinery, or winter storage for boats. These units are limited to a height of 9'9'' or less and Monthly Rates range from 1 vehicle space 9x16 (144 sq ft) $90/month, 2 vehicle spaces 18x16 (288 sq ft) $175/month, and 4 vehicle spaces 32x18 (576 sq ft) $325/month . These buildings do not have heat and most units are not partitioned.  


Outdoor Parking:

We offer outdoor RV/Boat/trailer parking that can be accessed all year round if you don't have any space in your driveway but still use your vehicles regularly. These gravel lots are level and clean. We plow the lot when it snows so you have access any time you need. We charge $75/ month for a vehicle or trailer up to 40' overall length. For vehicles 40' or above that we charge $100/month and we need to make sure the type of vehicle or trailer will be able to fit in a certain area.

Mini Barn Information:

We also store Mini Barns, a 5x8 or 40 Sq Ft wooden unit for $60/month. These are designed to be transported on a trailer to make moving to a storage facility a one stop shop. These can be trailered by the customer accessed and stored at our facility. Please call and find out more information about these handy lockers for your next move.

To book a Uhaul Truck, Trailer or UBox, call us at 908-827-1135 or visit Uhaul's website HERE

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These are storage lockers that make moving convenient and easy!