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In order to avoid disrupting our current residents we ask new customers to make an appointment before accessing the property. All current customers are allowed access with their code. We do not allow anyone without an appointment or a customer code to access the property. Thank you for your understanding.

Storage Information

If you would like to become a customer please call to schedule an appointment to visit the facility. For current customers, you can click the link to sign into your portal account to make a payment, change payment methods, and view invoices or receipts. 

Click below to schedule an employee to operate the lift for move in or move out. We ask for at least 24 hours in advance.

Please click below to notify us of your plan to move out within 10 days. We will remove you from our billing system when your unit is clear and the lock is removed.

Facility Map and information

Please use this guide to help you find your storage unit.

office helpers
Trailer Parking Area

Trailer parking with a gravel lot, easy access.

family barn
Office Staff

Kim and Donna will be able to help with all of your storage needs!

Perpetual Harvest Farms

Perpetual Harvest Farms beautiful soybean crop along the driveway, the last of grains grown on the farm before native grasses were planted in 2015

saav van

Vehicle, machinery and winter boat and large item storage barn. One of four on the property.

Fields at sunset

160 acres of woods and farmland was officially preserved in 2015 to prevent any future subdivisions and to keep it in farmland indefinitely.

About Us

Ryan and Kim Kocsis started the Storage Farm in 2015 to supplement their large (2000 acre multi farm) operation so that they could keep conservation as their main focus in farming. Since then they've implemented conservation practices on half of their managed farms with plans to do more. They work with NJ Audubon, Department of fish and wildlife, as well as other non profits and local conservation organizations to promote habitat for all wildlife and especially for endangered migrating species of birds. Some practices include no till planting of native warm season grasses that are low maintenance to reduce their chemical fertilizer input. They are sustainably managing their woodland and converting their 160 acre home farm to solar power in hopes to set an example for other young farmers to decrease their carbon footprint. Not only do they provide their customers with a local, family owned, secure storage area but also the peace of mind that they are helping a local farming family to be able to continue to preserve our land and its ecosystems for future generations.

Store your items here to promote a sustainable future!

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